We use artificial intelligence to predict and identify threats to your business before they happen.

Threats to business operations come from many directions. We create customized, dynamic, AI-driven workflows that respond in real-time.

2020 and beyond will bring some of the greatest challenges facing our business operations: from pandemics that affect every person on earth, to cyber attacks, political change, the environment, climate disasters, and social issues that force businesses to predict and adapt instantly.

Threats come in many forms, creating business risk.

Pandemics, cyber attacks, civil unrest and other issues locally and abroad can have significant impact on business operations. Business leadership needs to know what's happening and how to respond.

Businesses need better detection and response.

Systems are required to constantly monitor global feeds, social media, news media, business communications, supply chains and employee and customer sentiment.

Business security is more fragile than ever before

Slow or insufficient response to global events can cripple a company. Operational leaders need tools that can help them predict and respond to imminent threats.

Our approach to Business Threat Management

Provata AI Workflows Create Positive Business Outcomes

Advanced Warning and Response

The Provata AI system monitors issues globally and locally. Our neural network system predicts and identifies threats early and in real- time. Our AI platform utilizes this data to generate a customized and dynamic response Playbooks.
Provata AI Dashboard

We Monitor Social, News & Information 24/7

Provata’s AI platform constantly monitors global and local sources of data for up-to-the-minute trends to predict key events, and helps you automatically your business operations in real time.¬†

Our Dashboard Delivers Timely Alerts

Our real-time dashboard monitoring system analyzes sentiment associated with global events. Our customized alerts keep you and your team on top of issues that impact your business operations. 
Provata AI - Dashboard Updates

Multi-Channel Communications

Provata AI playbooks let you gather and share data with your team members, partners, suppliers and customers to increase efficiencies and reduce risks across your ecosystem.

Our Playbooks Communicate Automatically

Our AI builds and customizes playbooks for your employees, customers and partners to deliver updates, assign tasks, issue surveys and keep operational teams up to speed.

"Today's advanced machine learning and convolutional neural networks are offering business leaders and operational managers the opportunity to become more efficient, to get on top of their massive volumes of data, and to achieve more positive customer and employee outcomes in real-time."

Dr. Elliot Holtham

Our Technology


Our Natural Language Processing (NLP) system is ingests and understand  a wide range of structured and unstructured data, publications, reports and data streams. The same platform can also create machine-generated content on the fly for workflows.


Our unique Computer Vision capabilities can be utilized to detect, categorize and understand objects from within images. Edge computing vision technology enables rapid classification even in low-compute power environments, including handheld devices.


The Provata Neural Network platform can make sense of massive volumes of data, and provide analysis and insights across a wide spectrum of information. Combined with external and 3rd party data, we can uncover patterns that were previously undetectable.


Our platform integrates with vast quantities of global data in order to stay on top of current events, news, social sentiment, trends and more. Additional integrations can easily be added to create custom dashboards and insights for specific industries as needed.


At the core, our system is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing business applications. This enables easy access to add communication tools (Slack, Teams, Zoom, etc.), back off systems, and other commonly used applications into workflow playbooks.


Our proven approach to high scalability SaaS software leverages decades of experience delivering Enterprise class, highly available and highly secure products to market. Utilizing the cloud computing environments allows us to deliver robust solutions quickly.

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