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Advanced AI for business

Instead of reacting to current risks, we believe businesses should be able to predict, detect and respond to these issues in real time. Instead of waiting for the next crisis, we can help businesses prepare effectively, and leverage our technology to suggest outcomes, and to to automatically build workflows that make every team more efficient.

We believe in empowering businesses of any size with the ability to control their own destiny, with timely, accurate data that is interwoven with their business operations.

2021 and beyond will bring some of the greatest challenges facing our business operations: from pandemics that affect every person on earth, to cyber attacks, political change, climate disasters, and social issues that force businesses to predict and adapt instantly.

Our Solutions

The Provata platform constantly monitors global data feeds – from news, cyber breaches, social media, financial data, weather patterns and more – and turns this data into actionable insights.

Enterprise Risk Management

The world is more uncertain than ever, with businesses facing volatility and new risks at every turn. Provata unlocks the insights you need from global data sources to manage risk and prosper.

Cyber Threat Prediction

Cyber attacks are on the rise, with an ever-increasing risk from third-party IT systems. Our AI threat prediction platform identifies your risk based on constantly changing global conditions.

Digital Health

Today's digital health care system relies on data to deliver the best patient outcomes. Leveraging our AI curation engine we give practitioners the ability to stay on top of the latest research and trends.


The health of our planet is a key concern for all businesses. By leveraging AI-driven insights into global data, your business can predict and stay ahead of environmental impacts.

Our Technology

Provata has developed systems to constantly monitor global feeds, social media, news media, business communications, supply chains and employee and customer sentiment.


Technology for your industry

Provata believes that this information shouldn’t be trapped in the hands of governments, health organizations, the military and private conglomerates. We believe that the FAANG companies should not have a stranglehold on the artificial intelligence needed to make sense of this data.

What Happens Next

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